Online Marketing For Doctors

Local SEO

Are People Searching Online for the Services You Provide in the Geographic Area where Your Practice is Based? If the Answer is Yes, then the Searchers Are Calling Either You or Your Competition! Which is it?

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is Often a Solid Strategy for Quick Leads as Long as People are Searching for the Services You Provide and the Campaign is Run Well! PPC Also Allows You to Target Leads Outside Your Immediate Geography!

Reputation Mgmt

Online Reviews and Testimonials are the new Word of Mouth. Whether 100% Accurate of Not, Decisions are Made Whether to Contact You or Your Competition Based on the Perception Searchers Get of How You Rank vs Your Peers.

Social Media

Whether Focused on Driving Traffic or Capturing/Retaining Attention, Social Media Marketing and Branding Needs to be a Part of Every Practice's Online Strategy; Especially the Creation and Sharing of Content!

At Visibility Doctor, all online marketing for doctors starts with one simple question - "Are there people searching online for the service that you provide within the geographic location where your practice is based?"

If the answer is "No", then a simple Professional looking website designed as a business card will do and you need an offline strategy to drive people to your website.

However, if the answer is "Yes", then Several Factors come into play including:

  • Volume of Searches each month for the services you provide?
  • Geographic Area that you want (and it makes sense) to be found for?
  • Competition Level of Your Competitors that are also trying to get in front of these same Online Searchers?

Since the answers to the above three questions are Always Unique, you should make sure your Marketing Game Plan is Custom Built for Your Unique Situation!

Our Team at Visibility Doctor has been helping local doctors DOMINATE their competition online by putting Game Plans in place that turn weaknesses into strengths and continue to strengthen already strong areas so that patients contact you instead of the other guys who are currently getting those Leads!

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